a little ENGITECTURE history:

Engitecture was founded in Charlotte, NC, on February 20th, 2017. It was 40 years in the making.

I am North Carolina born and bred. After spending the 1st 18 years of my life in Greensboro, it was followed by 5 years in Raleigh that culminated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University.

From there, I started my career in Consulting Engineering in Atlanta, GA. 4 years later, I moved to Charlotte to help start the second office of my employer. At the age of 31, I made a giant leap and founded the Electrical department of a firm that had been a Mechanical only firm. After 5 years there, I  moved on to gain experience with more complex projects to expand my "toolbox" needed to prepare me to run a firm. 4 years later, Engitecture went from "one day" to a reality.

I've known that I wanted to start a firm for some time now. I knew it as early as 2005 when I passed the PE exam and became a Registered Professional Engineer. It took a decade to make Engitecture happen. Starting a business has been the scariest, yet most rewarding experience of my professional life. I owe a great deal of it to those that have guided and supported me along the way. 

Many Thanks,

Greg Wiley

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